Spent a very nervous day sat in a windfarm meeting with half an eye on the mobile as the grapevine reported what was being found elsewhere on Shetland: Yellow-breasted Bunting, Great Snipe, Lanceolated Warbler, Citrine Wagtail… and for a mercy, none of them from our island.

News from PVH – another birder has bought a place on the isle. PVH vouches he’s a proper birder, which is good. Other news… BM had a locustella late this afternoon, and after flushing it twice lost it, and moved on to check my patch. Argh. Forced into an unexpected u-turn upon meeting JLI on the road and learning this welcome / unwelcome news, and we went it alone to try and relocate it in some pretty unpleasant conditions. Needless to say, we had no joy, and I finally made it home with work shoes wringing wet. Will be up and at ’em at first light – warblers were flying up into the gloom from the verge of the drive as I came home, and a Redstart has been trying to get in the kitchen window in the past half hour, presumably lured by the ridiculously bright halogen kitchen lights Mrs Bonxie insisted upon. I’d not have resisted so strongly had I realised their light-attraction potential!

JLI off the isle for much of the day tomorrow; BM working; I’ll have the island to myself, to all intents and purposes. I like those odds.