That was the weak (front) that was

A bit of an update from the comfort of my sickbed (sicksofa, for accuracy’s sake. I’ve a stinking summer cold courtesy of Mrs Bonxie and the petri dish of germs that’s a mass gathering of children in a humid swimming pool last weekend. Am sat in a sea of snotty tissues feeling a bit shit, if truth be known).

Monday looked every bit as promising as I fancied it might be as I left for work – Whitethroat in the heligoland, and 3 Pied Flycatchers on the roadside fences. Next couple of days continued to tease with other migrants on the patch – Whinchats, plenty of Willow and Garden Warblers, a Red-backed Shrike, and a Tree Pipit. Saw the latter from the kitchen window yesterday feeding in the pearly park a few metres away (yes, even individual fields have names. I’ve no idea why that field is called the pearly park, though it may be a local reference to sheep shit). Not even a patch or croft tick, but if I was being pedantic and actually bothered to keep any of these lists, it’d be on the house list.

A thrush double-header this morning as I dragged the curtains open – a Song Thrush and a Fieldfare outside, again in the pearly park. Elsewhere on the isle this week there’s been Wood Warbler and Wryneck. All very nice, but not as good as it might or should have been. So what of this weekend? The charts look pretty promising – isobars running from Scandinavia to Shetland like a big migrant motorway, plus a really nasty dose of rain and general shittiness over the east coast of England and into Scotland. Hopefully that means anything moving our way will fly along the face of that front and come to lovely sunny Shetland. Hopefully!

Predicted Citrine Wagtail to PS this week. Damn thing was found by another Shetland birder later that day a few miles away in Vidlin. I’m clearly on form where predictions are concerned, so here goes for the weekend… it’s going to be either a Greenish Warbler or a Rose-coloured Starling on here. Outside chance of a Yellow-breasted Bunting.


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