Rebecca Nason

It’s dark outside, there’s a brisk south-westerly blowing and it’s starting to rain. I really should be asleep, as I’m planning on going seawatching early tomorrow morning (why, I couldn’t exactly say. Everyone else I know is doing it at the moment, in Scilly and Bridges of Ross. So I feel obliged to try from the Taing here. I think I know who’s going to do best out of this deal…)

Instead of sleeping, I’ve been looking at photos in Rebecca Nason’s image library. They’re ever so good, and make me ashamed of my feeble attempts to take rarity pictures… Check it out, it’s terrific.

(I bet if Rebecca sees a Fea’s Petrel off of Scilly, you’ll be able to count the feather mites in it’s coverts in the photos she takes. Whereas if I see a Sooty tomorrow, you’ll just have to take my word for it…)



2 Responses

  1. Very good indeed.

    In fact so good I’ll add a link in my Blog to remind me to check it occasionally.

  2. You just want to poke her don’t ya!

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