Go naked in Shetland

Am slowly getting used to this WordPress blog manager thingy, and in the past week I’ve discovered the statistics page, that tells you precisely how people have found your blog. It’s all usually very uninspiring, as 99% of people coming here come via a link on other, superior birding blogs (see blog roll opposite). The remaining 1% come here by accident, usually after searching for the likes of “Shetland + bitter + sarcastic”. Imagine therefore my surprise to see this today:

O-kay… this begs the question what sort of lunatic would even consider going walking in the nude in Shetland. I can’t imagine a worse place in the world to go tackle out. Granted, in Antarctica there’s a good chance your bits will freeze solid and snap off, but at least your only witness is likely to be a somewhat puzzled penguin. Here it’s usually unflatteringly cold, often raining, always with a shrivelling wind-chill, and unfailingly someone is watching you through a pair of binoculars. Every house has a pair, usually on the kitchen windowsill for easy access. It’s hard to imagine that someone out there in the ether is daft enough to be seriously considering a nude Shetland walking holiday. And yet people really do come to the islands woefully underprepared and unaware of the risks… Take this recent hilarious story on the front page of the Orcadian:

Sadly the reporter doesn’t say if they were nude or not. I imagine they almost certainly were.