Never get bored of Barred

Tense day at work today, as I’d left my mobile on the kitchen windowsill, where it could do me no good at all. Of course, the penny dropped about a mile from home and the prospect of returning for it and missing my ferry was too awful to contemplate. So the day was spent blissfully (ha!) unaware of what I was missing at home.

Back this evening, driving past the plantation (JA ensconsed with scope and camera), onwards towards the heligoland, and caught sight of a passerine dropping out of the sky towards the bushes in the trap. Braked hard, and as it dived in I saw enough to know it was hefty and greyish. Abandoned the car on the road, dodged the ponies in the field, and into the trap. Something grey thundered up the ramp of the trap… and in. Barred Warbler. Gotcha.

Back down the isle to interrupt BM’s dinner with it, and then back home to get out and spend a couple of hours seeing what the others had missed. Not a lot, in fairness! Good views of a Red-backed Shrike as it snuck into a bush to roost, a really snazzy and showy Pied Flycatcher, the usual suspects of Willow Warblers and a Garden Warbler, and a family party of Swallow.

Tomorrow am on strike, and fancy my chances of a Common Rosefinch. Watch this space.

3 Responses

  1. Shame on you for striking Mr D – you should be setting us self employed super-tax payers at better example at that economic development of yours!!! Love the new blog! HH

  2. What can I say, Mr H?! The ferries weren’t running, so I was stranded… what’s a birder to do?!

    Glad you’re enjoying the blog. Hopefully we’ll get something rare enough to lure you over here this autumn.



  3. Just as well the Bonnie Isle didn’t get anything mega yesterday as we’d have been stuck big time with the ferry boys on strike!!! As usual though the Ness Boys struck gold with the Booted. Its still here today (Thurs). Cheers! HH

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