The things twitchers say

Ah fuck. Come to think of it, I will have a bit of a rant about johnny-come-lately twitchers and the twatty jargon they use. I’ve already mentioned the abomination that’s “Icky” and “Melody” (see Blurredforum for a great example of the use of both, and the general arsiness of twitchers), but that’s just the tip of a great big guano-stained iceberg.

“RB Flicker” – you what? Since when was a flycatcher a flicker?

“Dick’s Pipit” – the clue’s in the name, people. Oh, the irony.

“Grotfinch” – yes, I know anything but a spring male Common Rosefinch is basically a bland, beady-eyed brown blob, but it’s still a good bird.

“Glonk” – baffling. Glaucous Gulls really are ugly bastards, but they don’t deserve this level of contempt.

And so on. For a full-on rant about twatty bird abbreviations and jargon, check out Rob Fray’s website. He’s bang on the money. Another thing though – it’s noticeable how many “new” birders and twitchers are doing this jargon-peppered thing. Why is that? Surely not laziness (how hard is it to say Icterine Warbler?). Trying to be cool? Unlikely – let’s be honest, birding isn’t cool – just ask any of a long and distinguished line of disgruntled ex-girlfriends. Trying to sound like one of an exclusive, in-crowd? Ah-ha…

To all of those newly Swarovski’d, digiscoping, RB Flickering birders… this one’s for you:


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