Right conditions wrong time

Grr, this is all a little frustrating. It’s pretty much perfect outside as I write – a fresh south-easterly, humid, showery weather… but it’s July. That can mean only one thing – it’s a rare swift sp or nothing now until August when the first Greenish Warblers start filtering through. (NB – not that any have filtered through to here since I moved up here 5 years ago…)

JLI found a Pallid Swift here a few years ago (on my kitchen window list, hoho) in early July, and Spurn scored a resounding double a few days ago with both Pacific and Little Swift within a matter of minutes of one another. What I think I’m trying to say is that there’s clearly some hot swift sp action going on in the UK at the moment, and Shetland can ‘do’ rare swifts in early July, so if at Spurn, why not here? Today, preferably.

Shall go straight to north loch when I finish work anticipating something with a white arse-end hawking over the water.*

* it’ll be a bloody Wheatear flying from the airstrip to the golf course. But I can live in hope…