Lashings of larus

News today from south – Dumfries hosted the world’s first ever Naughty Seagull Conference. Attended by vote-hungry politicians, Sunday car-washers, people who don’t like seagulls honking from rooftops, and shopkeepers from Aberdeen (more of which anon). Yep, it seems that urban gulls have become a bit of a problem, like urban foxes but without the mange. They swoop from above to molest innocent passers-by, stealing their chips and making off with their babies. Or was that White-tailed Eagles? Anyway.

General consensus was that there’s a problem, and something needs to be done. Opinion seems rather more divided as to precisely what. On the one hand, there’s the not-wanting-to-hurt-gully-wully school of thought, that would prefer to see falconers scare the nasty gulls away to bother sometown else. On the other hand, there’s the cull-the-bloody-lot-of-them approach. Faced with this level of crime and disorder, you see where the latter are coming from. Today it’s nicking your cheesy Doritos, tomorrow you’ll come home and find it in bed with your wife:

Still, if the old adage “you are what you eat” is to be believed, this would be gull au gratin in sleepy Totnes in the south-west. There’s a town that knows what to do with surplus Herring Gulls. They eat them. And not just boring old roast gull or gull pie… the inventive folk of Totnes make chillied gull with ginger, and gull veronique. Yum.



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