You can tell there’s about as much chance of a final Spring rarity turning up here as Turkey’s likely to make it to the finals of Euro 2008. (err… that might yet happen…) Anyway, you can tell it’s pretty unlikely. It’s the little clues that give it away. The bitterly cold northerly wind. The lack of migrants. The way it’s almost July . And of course, the way this blog has stopped talking about birding.

From here on until the autumn it’s all about me, Songbird Survival, replica egg collectors, and of course Captain Calamity. Tonight… Bitter Bonxie cleans the house. Mrs Bonxie has been away south for the past month, and I may have let things slip a bit around the place. A little dust here. An overflowing bin there. A complete lack of interest in domestic chores in the face of hot and cold running Red-backed Shrikes and Marsh Warblers.

Tomorrow Mrs Bonxie returns, and the place better look spotless, or it’s no birding for me. Ever again. Obviously, I’m taking the situation seriously. Spent the evening drinking beer with JLI and watching the football, and am now working my way through some garlic bread and a glass of rum (an under-rated combination) and watching Fur TV. It’s great. And topical too.


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