Told you so

I said there’d be something good here today, and sure enough, there was. Not a BB rarity, but frankly they’re funky enough to be in the same league. Yes, BM was reacting to the weather conditions as a dedicated local birder should – by heading to the shop to buy some potting compost. Who said luck didn’t come into finding rare birds? Certainly not the Red-rumped Swallow he chanced upon.

Meanwhile, I was having a blinding day at work. Obviously would be completely unprofessional to be specific about what was so utterly great, but suffice to say it’s something I’m dead proud of, and will look back in 10, 20, 30 years time and think, “I did that”. That’s about all I can say.

Coming off the ferry to find JLI on the swallow for me was the icing on the cake – a really splendid and confiding bird, feeding low over fields in Symbister in great neutral light. Had never really noticed the different tone on the upperparts of Red-rumped Swallows (more brown than the blue of our conventional Swallow) before. Will go back tomorrow morning and try for some photos.

The cherry on the day’s cake was getting back home, and having a couple of hours to traipse around the patch. First migrant I laid eyes on in the rosa rugosa was a smart Icterine Warbler. Spent a while watching it popping in and out of the foliage, trying to decide if there were one or two birds involved. Two, or one incredibly fast and mobile individual.

Moved on to the loch hoping for hirundines. No joy, but took a dumb moment to realise what I could hear singing – a Sedge Warbler in a ditch. Hot migrant action indeed. On to the plantation, and an easy and showy Marsh Warbler. Will be birding like a man possessed this weekend. There’s such a good feeling in the air…


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