Got the blues(throat)

It’s looking promising here. Intriguingly, I hear the punkbirders are ‘doing’ Foula at the moment. No news from there, which means one of three things – either it’s a crock of shit and they’re seeing bugger all; or they’re seeing plenty, but can’t find any way of telling the outside world just how good it is; or else it’s great there, and they’re not even trying to tell us. Am guessing it’s the first option (crock of shit) as on past form they’re unlikely to do the suppressing thing (“Shetland – just find a patch of nettles and there’s your Yellow-browed Warbler”), and if they’d hit the mega jackpot, we’d know about it. Contrary to popular belief, Foula does have links with the rest of the world, and you can get a mobile signal there. I should know. I managed to tell the world I’d dipped Siberian Thrush there last autumn.

Anyhow, it’s looking promising. Wind’s coming out of the south-east, and there are some new birds in. Managed a new male Red-backed Shrike this evening on the patch (one of two JLI had found earlier, m + f), and thanks to BM coming to drag me away from digging foundations, my first Bluethroat of the year (another of JLI’s finds from earlier). A bit of an uninspiring female, but a Bluethroat nonetheless. A real trap-tease, the little minx flirted with going in the kale yard but lobbed out no sooner than it was in rather than go anywhere near the mouth of the heligoland. Bitch.

Looking forward to tomorrow. Spoke to PS earlier today, who advised I should expect nothing less than a Booted Warbler in the next couple of days. I live in hope…



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