Vis mig

That’s such an annoying piece of jargon, vis mig. Sounds a bit like Viz, which isn’t annoying at all, and still makes me laugh like a drain. But not as annoying as other contrived birder slang like Dick’s Pipit for Richard’s Pipit, or Fawn Yawn for a juvvy Rosy Starling. The former is always value when overheard, as part of the slang exactly describes the speaker – there’s probably a special word for this, but I can’t think offhand what it might be, so shall make one up – a twatonym.  As for the latter – let’s imagine you’ve just found a juvvy Rosy Starling – are you a) pretty pleased with yourself, or b) a smug condescending and bored-with-life twitcher? Yes, there’s no room for slang on this blog.

Plenty of vis mig over the past few days here (mwahaha, the irony!) during a spell of generally south-easterlyish wind. On Wednesday and Thursday evenings Redwings were heading east overhead in some (small) numbers as I worked outside – 10 and 2 per evening respectively. 2 Fieldfare on Wednesday morning, and another or the same pair flying east on Thursday evening. Friday morning a pair of Robins beating hell out of one another by the roadside, and in the evening a Pied/White Wagtail flew over the croft.

Yesterday a bit of a write-off, as the weather was shite and I spent the whole day digging and generally swearing in the kale yard. More of the same today (in nicer weather), but my first Great Skua of the year offshore first thing. (First thing today being 11.30am, as I took a couple of diazepam last night to ease the pain in the shoulders, and knew nothing but strange and wonderful dreams for 12 hours).

A little surprised Shetland hasn’t had more than the Calandra on Fair Isle, to be honest.