It’s nice to take a break sometimes from being a cynical, miserable curmudgeonly git, moaning variously about how much it hurts to do an honest day’s work, or marvelling at the depths people will plumb at the expense of the nation’s embattled birdlife.

There’s no better way of taking a break than looking at the Bogbumper blog. I probably should know what a bogbumper is. I’ve a feeling it might be a local name for a Snipe. Or maybe some sort of amphibian. Or possibly it’s one of those kerazy people who swim along a ditch in Wales during the annual World Bog Snorkeling Championships. Either way, it’s not important what it means. It’s the name of a great blog, with dead good photos of all manner of wildlife stuff, including but not exclusively birds.

To give you a taster, I’ve stolen (yes, stolen!) a couple of Katie’s recent photos to show off how despite being complete bobbins myself with a camera, it doesn’t stop me knowing people who can actually use the damn things, and publish consistently great images on their blog. How uplifting and generally spring-like is this? (and how in focus? she knows her f stops and everything…)

That Wordsworth missed a trick

However, it’s not all stunning macro work. There’s some genuinely groundbreaking pictures too. I challenge you to find a better photo of a Muntjac’s anals anywhere in the internet’s annals. (This is a very safe challenge. Who’s going to explain to their wife why their recent Google Images search history includes “deer + bum”?)

I think he bleaches...

Seriously though, I love Bogbumper, and I think you will too. Try it and see:

PS – I’m pretty certain this isn’t a bogbumper…

Probably not a bogbumper