Office listing

No, I’m not that sad. Missing moving into our office until after the Brunnich’s Guillemot of a couple of years back had buggered off from the water below my window always meant that I’d not keep an office list. How to unblock a bird like that? And besides, the whole listing thing always strikes me (now I’m not living in the land of birding Mammon down south) as being a bit tragic. It’s hardly adding to the sum of human knowledge. Unlike my forthcoming observations of cannibalistic Fulmars, which will shake your world. And possibly your breakfast from your stomach, being as they’re accompanied by a super photo. You’ll have to wait and see… 

But… you’ll never guess what’s nesting 100 metres away from my office window as the, ahem, crow flies. Right at eye level too. Here’s the nest:

Big twig

Twiggy, isn’t it? How the hell they’re finding this much twiggage beats me, but maybe explains why we’re so short of trees here. It’s those damn Ravens. Yes, I’ve got a pair of urban Ravens nesting outside my window. Am delighted, although the novelty will soon wear off when they’re shitting on my car and dropping ripe roadkill rabbit chunks all around the car park. Until then, they rock.

Speaking of which, out and about on Wednesday, and noticed the sudden influx of in-your-face Meadow Pipits. All sitting on roadside fences and looking as smart as being small and brown allows. Better than that, stumbled across 10 Jackdaws at Gott, including a couple sporting corking white neck-rings, which makes them easternish sort of Jackdaw. They’re smart beasties. I wonder if having overwintered here any will linger to breed?