Had promised myself I’d dig the third vegetable plot this weekend, and the lack of rain might have fooled you into thinking I’d have got off my lazy arse and done it. Not so. The thought was there certainly, and I made a start. Unfortunately the wind was a wicked north-easterly, blowing strongly into my face, and after about half an hour I was going mad. They say that suicide rates are highest in the North American cities with high average wind speeds – and now I began to think there may be something in that. God it was annoying to stand in one spot and suffer it.

I gave up, and found something even more knackering, but less frustrating to do – building a spur of drystone wall across the north aspect of the kale yard. The yard falls away here to a dung heap, so while the yard’s original wall behind the dung heap keeps stock out from the field beyond, it’s no use at all for shielding the main yard from northerlies. Something needed to be done! So I made a start – a twenty foot long foundation that after a day’s work rose to a doughty one and a half foot high. It’s hard work in every way – having to barrow stones in from elsewhere on the croft, and then fitting them together. At least as you get higher it gets quicker, as the wall should taper from a wide base and you need fewer stones towards the end. This will end up being some five feet high, and will mean the yard is completely enclosed.

A few migrants trickling through last week here – some Greenfinches elsewhere on the isle, and a flyover Pied / White Wagtail the other evening. A Skylark singing overhead on Sunday as I worked was another ‘first’ notable event of the spring, and last night as I drove home a summer plumage Red-throated Diver was on West Loch at the edge of my patch. It’s all go here…


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