Snipe drumming

Evidence of imminent breeding waders on my land in the past few days – a Curlew doing their towering territorial flight thing, plenty of squeaky balloon Lapwing calls, and this evening my first drumming Snipe of the year.

That’s a bit like the first Cuckoo of the year by our standards, and nice to get before April. A sign of the spring-like days we’ve been enjoying. It won’t last (he said gloomily, but not without good cause)…

Started digging the first few spades of the third veg patch this evening. It seems like better soil than the last one, but we’ll see if that stays good in coming evenings. That Firecrest couldn’t have come at a better time, as I’m feeling well-inspired now to press on with making this place more migrant attractive. Spoke to DO this afternoon, and he said the Firecrest was Shetland’s earliest ever spring record by some margin, and only the third spring record of the species altogether.

To put things in perspective, got an email from another friend, TC, who found a Ross’s Gull the other day. Bah! Am delighted for him, but really, who seawatches at this time of year?! Clearly him, and that’s why.