Trees, digging, and a patch tick

Spent the weekend engaged wholly in birding related activity. Yesterday was tree day, planting 20 lodgepoles and ribes flowering currants around the edges of the chicken area in sheltered spots, and then fencing them off so the beak-features can’t strip them of leaves before they’ve had a chance to get established.

 And then back to digging, starting on the second vegetable patch in the kale yard. Began at the end I knew would be stoniest, and today worked my way back into the good deep soil. Finished it just as it was getting dark, so am over halfway now – one more the same size to go, and a final triangular patch if I can be arsed after all that.

BM came up at lunch time with a welcome reminder of what this is all for – migrants. He’d just found a Firecrest in the plantation, texted me, and had the presence of mind to remember I rarely look at my mobile, so was unlikely to have noticed. Went down and after a frustrating 15 minutes of hearing but not seeing it, finally clinched this new bird for my patch. Haven’t seen a Firecrest since I moved up here, so it’s been at least 5 years – I’d forgotten how cool and funky they are. Really, if they were BB rares, they’d be drop-everything and book a charter flight jobs. It was skulking around the trees with 3 or 4 Goldcrests, but way too (er…) skulky to get a decent picture. Wretched autofocus kept hunting wildly, confused by so many twigs and branches. Also my first Song Thrush of the year dropped in briefly, before moving on towards the coast.

A good weekend.


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