Feeling like death warmed up

Ack. And ick. I’ve got a cold, and I feel like shit. So shit I’ve got a sick note from my mum and stayed off school to dose myself senseless with a self-prescribed cocktail of ibuprofen for my tonsils, paracetemol for my headache, hayfever tablets for the runny nose (this is genius, and really works. Why do doctors never tell you to do this? I probably don’t want to know…), buttercup syrup for comfort, and not forgetting diazepam to help me sleep, but mainly for shit and giggles.

 Hauled my ailing self around another tetrad on Saturday morning, well-aware I was coming down with a cold, and hating myself for it. Saw a grand total of 11 species in an hour, which was either because I was already feeling too fucked to care overly, or else because the tetrad in question really is a barren hole. I’m going with barren hole.

Ungumming my eyes and peering blearily out today, I can see I’m not missing much. 6 Oystercatchers loafing around in one of my fields show the spring invasion is continuing, and on the spring theme the House Sparrows are getting fruity in the chicken area. One of last year’s chicken-hatch, a Lakenvelder, has it in for Rock Doves and runs screaming at them when they land nearby. I feel like screaming too. I’m going back to bed.


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