Spent the weekend birding and digging – the former more BTO stuff, second timed tetrad visits and random roving records. Started the home tetrad from the comfort of the bedroom – with 270 degree field of view, taking in sea, maritime heath and grassland, it’s a quick fix for nailing a whole heap of birds and numbers accurately. Perfect for scoping from too, and without the vantage point I’d probably have missed Great Northern Diver and Oystercatcher. Nice to see the latter back, the first bird of the spring. Shall be sick to death of the sound of them before too long. Bird of the tetrad was a female Eider, probably the only one I’ll see on my patch all year long.

Sunday was find-a-King-Eider-day. Back to the pier, sifting through the Eider flocks offshore. Half a dozen Long-tailed Duck, a few Black Guillemots coming into breeding plumage, but no King. The king is dead. Etc. Messed around with the camera, trying to come to terms with the antique mirror lense. We hate each other. It’s days are numbered. Scored a Merlin hammering along beside the road on the way home, so the trip wasn’t a complete waste.

Nice shag

Back (reluctantly) to digging the kale yard. Am having to do this by hand, as it’s the first time it’s been cultivated in years, so is rank grass at the moment. Progress is painfully slow – it’s bloody hard work. The thought of all those migrants amongst the tatties and kale this autumn keeps me going. That and the thought of eating them. That is, the tatties and kale, not the Sibes. Though come to think of it, I bet there’s good eating on some of those zoothera thrushes…


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